January 7th,2018

I waited until this afternoon after the majority of fishermen checked in as they left to see what really happened out there and there was “mixed” results.  Overall the best “catching” came form 15-18 ft of water on the closer reefs.  Not saying there was action on the deep breaks, but it was mostly at dusk time and early am to daylight.  Most I talked to said that after the sun was high enough to see on the cameras they were gone and not much for Perch either.  On the tops of the deeper reefs mostly small Perch were active.  Ray’s Reef did the best again with the rentals with some getting as may as 10 Walleyes a house.  A couple rentals that I moved to the Graveyard that I thought would be a sure bet for overnight bombed, but that is fishing.

So far with the temps warming up the ice in our areas we go is doing fine with no pressure ridges yet and I’m thinking that we might not have that problem with the way the ice is out in front of us.  But time will tell.   So far.so good.

Thank all of you that came this weekend with wheelhouses and portables. Everyone was respectful of the ice roads and kept their speeds down. Everyone stopped in and gave us a report when they left, (which was nice) and the many nice compliments of how we do things here was nice also.  I wish I hadn’t come down with that cold bug that is going around as I would have been out there more..  Got a chance to sit in the office for awhile this morning and say Hi to some as they were leaving, but that was about it.  And thank you all for sending me pictures of your catches to share.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy