January 8th, 2015

This afternoon we received and inch or two of snow and tonight at dusk the wind let go again and it was a complete whiteout.  That will be the third time since last Saturday.  Good thing we didn’t get 6-10 inches of snow each time or it would have been big problems out there. The only problems we are going to have are where the houses are catching drifts. There is going to be a lot of weight around them, and in most cases, it will be better to move them out of the drifts than drill holes as it is going to flood some of them.  We’ll see how it looks tomorrow. Privates….. Don’t expect to move by the weekend as we need to get to everyone’s driveways first and go from there.  Might just have to block them up a little.

I’m thinking we won’t have road problems and everything is still a go for the weekend.  It will be nice to have it calm down and warm up to the teens.  It will feel like a heat wave… 🙂

Not many out today but it was pretty good with a lot of Walleye action, (mostly small) and Perch.  The barometer dropping last night helped and now it’s going up again.  Those out there tonight might have a slow bite.  They’ll be busy listening to the wind blow anyways……..

Keep a Tight Line!