January 8th ,2017

Sunday as fishermen came off the lake and went home I heard how the fishing was over the weekend.  Those who got here Friday afternoon had the best fishing from then thru to Saturday noon. Most of the day Saturday was tough but then Saturday evening for those in the “right spot” the Walleyes treated them well.   I got lots of pictures texted to me that I will be posting later in the week on our Lybacks Ice Fishing Facebook page.  (Those that have some that they want to share, call the office and they will give you my cell number.)  It is much easier for me to post them that way.  Most reports from those that came Sunday and left that evening  said the bite was slow.  That really surprised me as the baro had been 30.5 since Saturday am and was dropping as the afternoon snow came in. I guess you never know…

The roads held up well with all the traffic over the weekend. I’m glad I limited it to single axle wheelhouses and 1/2 ton trucks and those going out kept their speed down below 10 mph.  When the ice was a cold as it was moving slowly is good.

My plans for this next week is to get out the rest of our customers houses out.  Get across the pressure ridge/crack if it stops if settles down. We are going to check ice depths today and I will report them on the next report.  For today it will still be 1/2 trucks and single axle wheelhouses.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy