January 8th,2016

Fishing was tougher yesterday than it had been the last few.  Not sure if it was the weather or they are moving but most of the catch during daylight hours was small Perch.  The Walleye bite remained typical with 4-7pm the best time.

I pulled a couple more houses out that were rented this weekend along with a couple privates that will ATV to theirs.  The colder weather coming is a plus and I hope it will stay long enough to make some good ice depths. We have 8″-10″ of ice in most areas and little snow cover so it should help, but we really need 18″-20″ of ice before I will feel comfortable if heavy snows come. For this weekend it will be ATV/Snowmobile/Portables, single axle wheelhouses pulled with ATV’s. We have a large parking area for those that want to camp on shore in their wheelhouse and portable, and privates are welcome to stay in their houses on shore.

This year is starting to remind me more and more of 1975 where we battled thin ice and warm temps well into late January then got a huge snowstorm, ( known then as the Superbowl Blizzard). We had only about 15 ” of ice by late January then received 20″ inches of snow 40 plus mph NW winds and -30 degree temps all in 3 days.  The entire lake flooded out and ended the season for most.  It took two solid weeks of work just to get our houses up and out of 15″ plus of water, (all done by snowmobile and sleds).  Most were frozen in to the floor or above and they had been blocked 8″ inches before the storm. Those that were here then will never forget it and I do not want to ever go thru that again.

We are going to hang back for the weekend with what we have and see what the cold will do.

Keep a Tight Line!