January 9th, 2013

This morning around 4:00am the wind picked up and was gusting as high as 45 mph until daybreak.   Those out on the lake probably didn’t know what to think for awhile.  I myself was wondering if the main lake ice was going to move, but I didn’t hear any reports about it.  Fishing for some today was very good and others bombed.  The good catches were numerous big Walleyes and they were caught in all depth of water from 17feet to 32feet.  Small sucker minnows were the best for live bait from what we heard.  Perch bite is still small, with and occasional Jumbo.  Sounds like the worst of the weather is going to miss us, so it should be a pretty good weekend.  The ice is holding it’s own and varies from 15-18 inches.  The roads are doing well.   Still no travel across the pressure ridge 3 miles out except with ATV’s.   1/2ton trucks with single axle wheelhouses, 3/4 ton truck by them selves.  With the cold weather coming after this warm spell there will be some cracking going on later Saturday and Sunday so fishermen will need to be cautious leaving the ice as it cools down.  Next week sounds cold so we should be over the hump with ice problems by the following weekend.

Just a heads up. The  TWP tournament is going to be held on February 23rd this year.  It will be limited to only 150 entries.   Entry fee will be $40.00/person.  The will be 100% payback in cash and prizes.  Those interested can pre-register starting this Saturday at the office.   It will sell out quick if it’s anything like last year.  More info will follow,  (prizes, paybacks,times, etc.).

Keep a tight line!