January 9th, 2015

This morning the wind had let up somewhat, but the drifting continued until noon. We opened roads, plowed driveways and got houses ready for weekend arrivals. Still have a lot of clean-up to do but everybody got fishing that showed up.  There were a few houses that had flooding problems as I thought might.  But most were good shape.

Last evening when the winds were gusting 30-40 the Walleyes were biting for a few houses and not for a couple.  20-22 feet seemed to be the number for those that caught Walleyes.  Today i didn’t here much as I was in the truck most of the day.  But reports were nice Perch out in the 30 plus spots and small Walleyes in the 24-28 ft depths.  Still waiting to see how the Gravel Bars do.  So far it’s been get on a spot and catch lots of 10-12 inch Walleyes or get on a spot and catch a few too big. And it all seems to happen at night.  Daytime action is not much out there from what I’ve heard.

Looks like some nicer weather coming for awhile.  That will be a treat after this last week.

Keep a Tight Line!        Eddy