January 9th, 2017

Today some fishermen had good catches and some not.  Those that went with a “dead stick”, ( minnow, hook and bobber did very good.  Those jigging not so.  With the lower barometer and snow flurries I would have expected a good bite for most but it was not the case. Keep in mind we are still fishing in shallower water and not on the “mud flats”. In fact we are not even out to the gravel bars we normally would be right now because of crack- and now a pressure ridge blocking our way temporarily.

Ice depths are from 16-18 inches in most of the areas we are going to so it’s getting better. but today with the warm up  the pressure ridge pushed up quite a bit to where our normal bridges won’t span it safely so we are adding another 25 feet to one of them the next couple days. It won’t be long and I will be across it.  What would really help all of us around the lake is if we would get some snow and then some freezing sleet or rain to crust it.  Anything to cover the bare ice up would settle the lake down from the temperature changes. The ice would quit moving so much and everyone would be much happier…

Meanwhile anglers that fish Mille Lacs are seeing some pretty good catches compared to what we had to go though the last three years. It proves that if you leave them alone when they are spawning and manage the angler harvest, the lake will recover, and it is well on it’s way.   it is time for fishermen in this State to speak up and tell the Governor and the legislature that enough is enough…it’s time to change how they do business with the bands when it comes to harvesting our (meaning both) natural resources….there is a way. Get rid of the nets in the spring and just spear if you have to preserve a tradition.  After all… times have changed…..

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy