January 9th, 2016

Friday night and Saturday the cold hit with brisk NW winds.  The fishing showed it somewhat but Friday evening many did well with Walleyes, but most were under the harvest slot. (13″-17″)  Saturday day the small Perch were active as usual, but not many “keepers” or Walleyes until the evening bite.  We’ll see what happened Saturday night when the anglers come off the ice Sunday.  We had four groups of rentals  and several privates out overnight.  We’ll see how those ATV’s start in at -15 degrees…..

This cold weather should help our ice situation the next few days, but they are talking a warm-up by Thursday already.  We will be measuring ice depths daily and preparing more roads so the cold can get thru as fast as it can.  We’ll keep you posted on when we are starting the pull.  Hoping for midweek to thru next weekend, but the ice depth will determine when and where we go.

Keep a Tight Line!