January 9th,2014

Today was really nice out there, even with the south wind.  The warmer temps were a relief, but it means the freezing of ice is going to stop for awhile or at least slow down.  I made a road out to the northeast side of the Banana Reef then ran into slush from a new crack that didn’t freeze yet so i stopped there.  With the way the ice is out there I’m not going thru it and will wait.  Tomorrow  I’m going to head west and see how it goes.

From what reports I heard today fishing was still alot of small Perch.  With the weather change I expect to see reports of Walleyes overnight and we’ll see how that plays out in the a.m. We have moved some of our houses now into deeper water that people will be fishing in over the weekend and we’ll see if fishing improves for those there.  So far this year the shallower water has been more active.

FYI… daily  portable fishermen are welcome as long as they park on the roads I have plowed and fish at least 75 feet off of them.  There are some areas where you can pull off on flooded frozen spots, but where there is snow it’s tough going. The only wheel houses we will let out for now until I have more areas to go to, will be customers that pay the full seasonal rate in advance to respect the seasonal customers that are here regularly.  It’s been a tough year for most of us out there, and I feel it is only right to respect my customers that are loyal to Cindy and I. I’m sure later as we get out farther and have all of our regular customers out we will change the policy, but for now it going to be this way.

Plans are in the works for prizes for the  annual “Lybacks/TWP” Tournament on February 22nd.  Right now I’m working on the prizes and will announce the entry fees and number of contestant limits next week on Friday.  It will be a challenge this year with the way fishing is going, but everyone entered will get something.  For those that know, this a “small” contest compared to most, but it is the way I like it.

Keep a Tight Line…….Eddy