June 12th, 2013

It’s been awhile since I last posted. It’s been busy at the shop and now with the warmer weather and the grass growing so fast I can’t keep up at home in the evening I’ve neglected the blog…Sorry…What I have been hearing from guides, launch captains an customers is that the bite has really improved over the last ten days as the water is warming. Reports of Walleyes released under the 18-20 harvest slot, (12″-17″) are showing up in the catch which is good. Before this last week or so almost no one caught any in that range. Looking at it in a fishermen’s perspective at least we know they are still there where up until that I was wondering if anything of that size Walleyes were even still out there. Biggest things talked about at the marine shop was talked about the last two weeks were extreme water clarity and the abundance of smallmouth and largemouth bass on the shallow rocks. Good for the bass fishermen but scary for us Walleye guys.
It is my hope that the MN DNR’s ideas to regulate this lake for Walleyes like Mille Lacs always should have been works over time. One thing that almost everyone hasn’t considered, including the MN DNR is how many people came to Mille Lacs in the winter for Perch fishing and now there isn’t any to catch and hasn’t been the last couple years or so. They are being consumed by all the “big” fish in the lake as a forage fish. With Zebra Mussels in the mix now and all the changes I’ve seen just in the last 5 years I’m wondering what will happen. I think the MN DNR has been too busy trying to appease “everyone’s needs” instead of focusing on what Mille Lacs was always about…when groups that fish for only 4 months a summer for “their” species of fish influence the MN DNR, it’s time for a change!!! Get it??
Keep a tight line!!