June 1st, 2013

Since the last post on the 25th of May, the water is starting to warm up on the south end and the Walleye bite is definitely improving. This past week our renters at our lake home have been having some pretty good luck with the Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass in the bays, and even a few Walleyes in there too. I’m thinking it was the warmer water. Out on the rock reefs in front of us the water clarity is so clear you can see 15 to 20 feet down depending on the wind and the waves. Last week I drove a customer’s 32 foot boat over to Izaty’s harbor from Twin bay and driving the boat from the bridge 10 feet off the water I was amazed how much of the bottom I could see. I have lived here all my life and honestly can say I have never seen the water so clear. The Zebra Mussels are really changing the scenery out there and it makes me wonder what is in store for us here at Mille Lacs. Lots of changes I’m thinking…. My hope is that even though fishing patterns change and baitfish survival will be tougher along with all the species, it will be offset by all the mud that is on the bottom of Mille Lacs where Zebra Mussels can’t survive. In a lot of ways Mille Lacs is is a smaller version of Lake Erie topographically, which has still maintained despite mussels, and is a great fishery for Walleyes and Perch. Let all of us hope so…but I think it will take some time to recover. I’m glad the MN DNR has taken steps to help it recover and them finally managing this lake as a Walleye lake and making all the regulation changes to help that. It has sure made it tough on all of us trying to make a living up here, but we will keep at it!
Keep a Tight Line!