March 10th,2015

Went out today and checked the pressure ridge from as far as Otto’s Point to Big Point and there is nothing good to report about it.  It is piled up on one side or another and a lot of broken ice.  Unfortunately at this time of year especially with no chance of freezing in the forecast it would be foolish to attempt to bridge it for vehicle traffic. Despite the thick ice that is still there.  So we will be limited to where we go. And with the way the weather is going it won’t be long and we will not be driving anything but sleds and ATV’s.

It is too bad the weather changed so drastically.  We would have been out there a few more weeks.. We went out today and picked up the rest of the road stakes and cones and in a week or so as the top melts down get anything else left out there.  I’m building a portable ATV bridge that will span a good spot in the ridge so we can ge over it and out there. And if the ice quits pushing in the next couple days we might let some of you try it out….for those of you that still want to go.    🙂

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy