March 11th, 2014

Over the weekend and leading up to today fishermen didn’t too too bad out in the “Tullibee Hole” for Perch and Tullibee.  The warm up seemed to get something going.  there were some really nice sized jumbo Perch caught and the Tullibee were averaging 16-18 inches. However, not many as far as numbers for both Tullibee and Perch, but worth the trip anyways.

The warmer weather started things melting somewhat closer to shore but out 2 miles it was a little different.  And with the weather the way it is forecasted I think we will be open thru this coming weekend.  The main thing I have to do is clean up the slush on the driveway……I would like to see those that come an try from here on out to have FWD as there is areas where the snow has settled that you can get off the road easier, but I don’t want to see fishermen getting stuck.

Keep a Tight Line!!