March 12th, 2015 – evening

The ice on our end where we go turned to all water on top like I thought. This afternoon my grand daughter and i went out on a ATV and there was 2-5 inches of water almost everywhere so we are going to wait till it goes down the next couple days before we let fishermen out of our access and then it will probably be ATV only.  So that means sometime after this coming weekend. It will give me a little more tome to make the ATV bridge to cross the pressure ridge we are dealing with.

For those that are familiar with our “Block Party”, (it is a day when we go out with ATV’s and scour our areas we fish and pick up any leftover blocks or debris that was left and buried under the snow). After it melts for a while it is easy to see and easier to get.  It is something we have done here since the 70’s.  It is going to be next weekend.

The east side of the lake north of Big Point to Malmo did not see the ice ridges that the rest of us has experienced so check the resorts that way for access. until then….

Keep a Tight Line!  Eddy