March 12th,2015

Yesterday the snow really started melting out there and the ice has water on it almost everywhere.  Today’s forecasted temps and warm south winds will melt the last of the snow and the water will start looking for spots to go down.  Already yesterday the “white”ice in the first mile, (rough ice that had melted and got rained on and re-froze on top back in December) was starting to soften up and I’m thinking it is going to be pretty slushy that first mile the next few days until it melts down.

We are still driving, (4WD) only out there, but it will be a day by day thing so call ahead before coming.  Also we are not getting out to the “Tullibee Hole” due to the pressure ridge block access. But we are getting out to the NE side of the Graveyard Reef, in the 30 plus mud and getting Tullibee, and some Perch there.  The bigger Perch still haven’t moved in yet.

I’m working on my ATV bridge but will not have it done for this weekend, but as wet and slushy as it is going to be the next few days it won’t matter.  We will still have plenty of ice next week for that.  Still now there is well over 30 inches of ice and no signs of honeycombing so we will still have time.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy