March 12th,2018

Over the weekend quite a few fishermen showed up for Tullibee, Perch and Northern Pike. Overall the bite for all was pretty slow.  Some fishermen were seeing schools upon schools of Tullibee out there but could not get them to go. I think the bug hatch is not happening yet or is so small that the fish aren’t interested. Perch that were caught out there were small except for a few in the shallow water areas that were decent.  Those with cameras did see some big ones, but there were not biting.  And no reports of a big Northern.

I am going to keep the roads open until the melting snow causes so much water that it would be difficult to get out there.  Our office will be closed so fishermen will need to stop at the house on the hill to pay access and get a map.  And we will go from there.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy