March 13th, 2013

Yesterday and today we had a few fishermen out there and the Perch action is still slow.  No one tried for Tullibees so nothing to report there.  We still have good ice and a lot of snow out there and there is no signs of it going away for some time yet.  Sooner or later it will happen, but sometimes I wonder if they are still even there.  I sincerely hope that anglers in this State of Minnesota and those out of state start talking about the predicament that our DNR and State government has done to this lake which is supposed to be the premier lake in Minnesota and start telling Minnesota to protect the State’s interest in it for the majority of people in this country.  It is time to stand up and say something about change and make it happen.  Bottom line is you can’t manage one resource two different ways. Ever since “treaty management” the lake and it’s fishery has been in decline . Just like you can’t have a nation within a nation,. Everyone must play by the same rules, or sooner or later there will be trouble. And this is the just tip of the iceberg…..

Keep a tight Line!