March 14th, 2014

Today we had five rigs out and I got a chance to talk to a couple as they left. The Tullibees were biting pretty good and the Perch were mixed in.  The Perch caught were nice sized 11-13″, but the schools were small in numbers when they came in, which has been noticed the last couple years or so.

The good news is that with what I’ve seen this past winter with the Perch and the numbers of 6-9 inch Perch that were caught and seen in camera’s and the millions of 3-6 inch ones out there that pestered everyone,  i think we will have some catch-able and keep-able Perch next winter. They might not be “Jumbo’s”, but I think there will be a lot of 10 inch plus out there.  Sometimes I think that the DNR forgot what alot of of fishermen like to do in the winter.

If you are planning on coming up the next few days, please call in advance so we can inform you on what the road is looking like.   It is going to stay below freezing up here so it should be pretty good out going, but I want everyone to have 4WD just in case.

Keep a Tight Line!!