March 13th, 2014

From here on it it will be 4WD vehicles only.  This last batch of warm weather put a lot of water on the roads, especially towards the side we plow the snow to.  The snow has settled a lot, but really no evidence of water going down yet.  With the colder weather coming next week things should firm up and more likely than not we will still be letting fishermen out.

The Perch and Tullibee bite actually isn’t too bad.  This last 10 days there have been some nice sized Perch caught.  Actually seen a couple 14″ inchers.  But don’t expect a limit or anything like that.  The Tullibee that are being caught are in the 16-18″ range.

Best advice is to call us  the evening before you plan to come for any changes out there.

Keep a Tight Line!!