March 15th, 2015

Just about finished with the ATV bridge and just in time.  The water is going down, still lots of ice, and colder weather coming by Wednesday.  I’ve been going out every evening and looking for spots to cross the pressure ridge and have three places where I can with the new bridge.  So when the colder weather comes we will be in business again. Freezing nites and low 40’s for daytime highs will make it good going. We will have room for rigs and parking thanks to the warmer weather drying things out on shore.  I’ll let you know soon.

Yesterday a.m. I watched a truck go out from somewhere else and follow the pressure ridge in our direction towards Spider Island. They followed it right over the top of north end of the Spider Reef where there was only a foot or so of ice because of it being so shallow and then went thru the area that we stopped going thru last Monday where the two heaves met because of shallow water and alot of twisting of ice and cracks that were in that area.  On top of that it was not a good idea because it left tracks that could have encouraged others to follow…(Only one vehicle did and turned around when they seen what was there by the island when they got there later in the morning.) The others stayed out all day and at dusk they attempted to come in the same way.  Fortunately they seen that things had changed alot as they got closer to shore where the warmer temps had softened things up more than farther out where they were all day.  As it got dark they turned around and followed the ridge till they went out of sight to the north.  Not good thinking on their part, their actions could have endangered them as well as others.  There is a reason why after all these years I’ve been cautious and dry…….know what your doing before you endanger others……

Keep a Tight Line!          Eddy