March 15th,2018

So far this past week there has not been much to report about the bite. Both for Tullibee and Perch.  Tullibee are passing thru in  big schools out in the “Tullibee Hole”, but are not staying around and feeding. And there is no real evidence that the bug hatch is happening. Or if it is the small Perch that are on the bottom out there are getting to them before the Tullibee.  ( Just a theory).

The roads and approach are still doing well and the snow has settled some and watching the weather forecast after Saturday/Sunday it will cool down a bit, but I’m not sure yet on if we will stay open or not thru next week.  I have 3 booths at the NWSS next week for Lybacks Marine. so we might just close up shop for the year unless the Tullibee get going by then.  It’s hard to justify having someone around on payroll to be there if someone gets stuck out there if there isn’t enough access fees to cover it.  We’ll see….

Keep a Tight Line!!     Eddy