March 18th 2015 – evening

Bridge is done and I went out and check the spots to cross the ridge and ice depths. After we see what we get for snow/sleet/rain tomorrow I’m going to pull it out and set it up for Friday thru Monday or as long as the ice holds up. Access is good for wheelers but I would suggest no snowmobiles as there is no access to unload them on the ice.

I checked ice thickness and in the white ice close to shore (the first mile), there was almost 30″ and the top 15″ or so honeycombed.  When I got out to the darker “clear ice” it dropped to 24″-27″ and was pretty much honeycombed most of the way thru.  Plenty good for wheelers, but I wouldn’t drive a truck on it. With the colder freezing nights coming over the weekend it will probably stiffen up a little.  Some places there are water “drain holes” but none that I seen were too big and if you use some common sense it will be good going. Crossing the pressure ridge will be only possible on the bridge. (Unless you like swimming in cold water…..)  🙂

We will have parking available for rigs with wheelers and keep in mind the bridge to the “Tullibee Hole” is only 4 feet wide so side by sides or wheelers with tracks will not be crossing it.

Looking forward to one last weekend!   Keep a Tight Line!