March 18th,2018

Saturday and Sunday quite a few anglers came out to enjoy the weather and hopefully catch some  Perch, Tullibee and Northern Pike.  But mostly after what I heard about the bite was they enjoyed the weather…..

Cindy and I decided to keep the access open another week as the ice roads are doing fine with the freezing nights and temp in the upper 30 during the day.  But starting tomorrow, Monday March 19th until we quit it will be 4wd drive vehicles only.  And it will be on a  day by day basis, so watch the report and to be safe call the day before you are planning to come.

Some fishermen out in the Tullibee hole today seen schools again 6-10 feet of the bottom on their locators, but none were interested.  So I really don’t know if they are going to get going this year or not.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy