March 19th,2014

This morning after having 6- 8 inches of snow I went out and opened the road to the “Tullibee Hole” .  The farther out I went the better it was.  i was only able to make a pass out and back before I went to the marine shop and one fishermen went out, tried to get off the road and got stuck.  But where he was trying to go he shouldn’t have.

Tonight after work I went out and widened the main road. Out in the fishing areas, plowed spots for fishermen to pull off to the side, turn around, or find a spot to set-up a portable. It is actually pretty good out there despite all the snow we’ve had this winter. What areas on the main road that had water and rough spots last weekend, froze solid and getting out there is really good going.  I still want 4WD vehicles only out there as I’m not around during the day to pull anyone out, and if you use common sense it will be just fine.  With the cooler weather coming after this weekend, I think we are going to make another week yet!  Pretty amazing….this will be the second year that I’ve been plowing out there the  on the first day of Spring!  This just might be another year I’m fishing with two lines on the opener on ice, although I’m not counting on it yet!!

A bunch of fishermen are going out tomorrow so I will let you know how the bite is tomorrow evening.  I’m hoping I have good news…..

Keep a Tight Line!