March 20th,2013

Last evening the wind died enough where the drifting stopped on the lake.  I opened up the main roads  going to the Perch spots and the Tullibee Hole. This afternoon I will be opening up more of the smaller side roads.   If you have 4wd it still isn’t too bad to move around or off the road a little.  Most of the main roads go right to the areas anyways.

The new  fishing regs came out for Mille Lacs yesterday.  I think the  MN DNR is doing the right things to try to get the lake back to the way it should be.  It’s just too bad they waited so long.  They might have discouraged a lot of the anglers from visiting Mille Lacs, only time will tell.  Now if the Bands and GLIFWC will do their part to protect the small Walleyes like Minnesota’s anglers are doing, the lake might have a chance to rebound.  This spring will show us how concerned they are about Mille Lacs  by their actions.

Keep a Tight Line!!