March 22nd, 2015

Saturday and Sunday’s fishermen had mixed results out there. Saturday the NW wind blew and it was in the low teens in the am and warmed up some as the day went. I talked to two groups on their way off that didn’t fair well, but the third group had alot of Tullibee.

Sunday those coming early left early and the ones that stayed later did well.  Most action was Tullibee.  Everyone seems to be hanging east of the “Tullibee Hole”, but they should be moving west and looking.  But no one seems to want to try.

The ice is actually firming up some with the last tow nights below freezing.  Out in the darker clear ice where it was 24″-28″ and pretty much honeycombed most of the way thru is now pretty hard halfway down before it chunks up.  The ATV bridge is doing well and the ice seems fairly stable so we will continue to stay open for those that want to try.

Keep a Tight Line!