March 29th, 2013

Today things started to get a little sloppy out there.  Still is quite a bit of snow on the ice, but the roads are getting a little wet.  Sounds like we will be getting some rain overnight and early tomorrow morning, but I’m not expecting it to do too much damage out there unless we get a lot.  We are encouraging 4wd vehicles only from here on out.  The sad part is that unfortunately the Perch bite is not good and I still haven’t heard any decent reports for Tullibees.  It is a shame to see the lake in such a condition as it is in these days.  Normally this late in the year we would have a good Perch bite and Tullibee action, but things are so screwed up out there with the poor management the lake has had the last 10 or so years since the “treaty management” started.  Now Mille Lacs lake has too many big fish, whether it’s Walleyes, Smallmouth, Northern and Muskies. The Perch population and now Walleye population from 2-3 inches to 10-13 inches are becoming the “baitfish” along with the Tullibees. To top that off because of “treaty management” the bands are taking small Walleyes during spawning along with the larger female egg layers, and anglers because of “quotas” brought on by the “Treaty management” were taking the 13-17 inch Walleyes also.  The whole thing is totally screwed up.  Now the MN DNR is changing the rules to protect our small Walleyes which is good, (maybe too late), while the “Bands” don’t seem to care.  They still plan on netting up to 70,000lbs. of small Walleyes this spring during spawning time. ( Only 10,000 pounds less than they did last spring even though they cut their declarations on paper to make it “look good” to the public.) If they really cared they would find a way to harvest without hurting the resource like they are and work together with the MN DNR for the same goals.  You anglers need to wake up and start talking to your “politicians” and tell them to get their priorities straight instead of taking lobbyist’s money from the tribes, tell the DNR and others to do something about this. Start making some noise.  It’s the only way it’s going to change.

Think about it……….Keep a tight Line!