March 2nd, 2013

Quite a few fishermen showed up today to give the Perch a try.  So far this afternoon the bite has been slow, but a few reports from the fishermen were that the perch were there, just not biting.  With the weather and ice conditions which are good, we should be out there for some time this March.   Sooner or later they are going to go, its just a matter of when.

Please read the Feb 28th report and everyone if you will, contact your state representative. And those of you that read this out of state please call the MN DNR Commissioner’s office in  St. Paul, MN and tell them how much you disagree with what is going on, how much money you spend to go to Mille Lacs each time you go there. Tell them how important it is to you and the fishery and it’s people.  The only way things will change up here is with all of your help. Mille Lacs Lake needs all the help from everyone it can get right now and the more people convey their thoughts to the State of MN and it’s DNR, the better the chance that the situation up here will improve.  Now is the time for it…..please do all  you can to help….Spread the word!

Keep a Tight Line!!