March 30th, 2013

Today I went out and picked up all of the road stakes, signs, and cones.  The warmer weather and little bit of rain we had has really started to change things out there.  As I picked up stakes, you could drive almost everywhere  ans the snow was saturated and soft.  With the colder temps coming the next couple days it will slow the melt and probably save the ice for next weekend.  If it would have stayed warm we would have had a lot of water out there and had to wait for awhile until it went down.  Fishing was still slow for the Perch and Tullibees, but we will keep trying as long as we can.  4WD vehicles only from here on out till we quit.

Do me and Mille Lacs a favor and repost my March 29th Blog and report and start spreading it on the other social networks that you frequent.  It might start something…….

Keep a tight Line!!                 P.S.  Happy Birthday to my Buddy in Canada…Steve Paulson!     save a Laker for me…….