March 4th, 2014

Today it was warm……. above zero in the am. and warmed up to the teens.  After what we’ve been thru this winter it was a heat wave….lol.

Still no fishermen showed up to try to see what is going on out there. Maybe as the weather warms we will see some.

This Thursday evening the MN DNR is hosting the annual or semi annual Mille Lacs Input group meeting, (depending on what works for them) so they can say the Mille Lacs Input Group put a rubber stamp on “their” options of management of Mille Lacs.

Because of the tensions surrounding the predicament of one of Minnesota’s biggest’s fisheries (closest to the most people that could enjoy it) the MN DNR’s “political” ways of managing Mille Lacs Lake since the “treaty management” brought on by the court’s decision and the MN DNR’s and GLIFWC’s influence, (GLIFWC is a federally funded organization paid with “your” taxes, hired by the Bands). Our State of Minnesota and it’s government’s bodies have thrown away the resource to be “Minnesota Nice” and disregard what has been really happening to the “majority of it’s citizens” concern’s. They have even hired outside “experts” to explain other reasons why this has happened. While avoiding what has obviously happened in front of their and everyone’s eyes.

The bottom line to me is get this lake on track again for the “majority of the tax paying” citizens of Minnesota. Treaty rights or not, the State of Minnesota should be ashamed to have let this happen and go as far as it has.  Now people’s livelihoods are at stake and still they still don’t get it.  It’s time for Minnesota’s government and it’s DNR to wake up!!

When the lake is in trouble, which obviously it is, you cannot disturb it’s spawning season in any way. You do not have to be fisheries biologist to know that.  The MN DNR says the reproduction rates are “sufficient”.  That is bogus in my opinion. They don’t even know what is “sufficient” because there are no “studies” proving that…..everything is just a number to them…….including us….. After the last 15 years of trying to tell them what is going on plus the 25 years prior to  that helping them sustain this fishery and the people involved in it is time to stand up and tell the State of Minnesota that what they are doing is not working for the lake and the citizens of the State of Minnesota!!   Your voice is needed now more than ever….if you care……

Keep a Tight Line!