March 5th,2016

Today we had about 30 vehicles go out with portables and wheelhouses for Perch and Tullibee, and some for Northern Pike.  What reports I heard this evening from those that stopped was that the Perch were a tough bite except in shallow. But most there were too small, not many over 10″.  The anglers that targeted Tullibee in the deepest parts of the the Tullibee Hole got their 10.  The Pike anglers are in wheelhouses overnite so I haven’t heard from them.

The ice and roads are still in excellent shape.  it didn’t even melt the 2″ of snow we got yesterday.  Tomorrow and Monday even it it warms up, will be just fine out there.  We still have 22-24″ of good solid ice with no honeycombing at all.

This coming week with the warmer temps forecasted things will start changing out there and more than likely the fishing will pick up.  it always does when the end is near…..

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy