March 7th,2018

Today I went out and opened up roads to the Northern Pike areas and the Tullibee Hole. The strong east wind that accompanied the 10″ of snow definitely changed the landscape out there. I have a road to the “Tullibee Hole”, a road southwest of Spider to Northwest of Upper Twin for Northern Pike and Perch.

I’m plowing “loop” roads and off of them will have “chutes” that wheelhouses can back up into in both areas.  I plan on plowing about 25 or so spots to start and see who shows up this weekend.  Once the warmer weather starts and the melt starts on the ice it will not be long and alot of water will be out there even thought the ice will be good.  So if you are planning that last trip.with the wheelhouse, the next week or two might be the time to do it.

Due to little traffic during the week, fishermen will need to stop down by the barn that is going thru restoration and walk up to the house on the hill to pay access and get a map.  As the weekend approaches, Cindy will open the office at the red house on the lake.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy