March 9th,2015

Unfortunately today might have been the last day to drive a vehicle out to the “Tullibee Hole”.  For those of you that have been here over the last week you have seen a pressure ridge slowly build from east of Hennipen Island from Big Point heading south towards Spider island down where we are. It crossed the NW end of the Graveyard, we abandoned the roads north and west of there before the weekend. and on Saturday we abandoned the “Tullibee Road” and used the “Bowl Road” until this am. We then had to detour south of that towards another pressure ridge running from Spider Island to North Twin and Otto’s Point.  And that gap kept getting smaller.

Tonight I got the last of the ramps and two wheel houses back on this side of it and that was even showing signs of going too.  And it’s too bad because the Tullibee were just getting going.  Today some of those out there stopped to report and they said it was good from 10 to 2.  But that’s the way it goes…..I would suggest calling the evening before coming and see what we have going on.

We still can fish on the north and east side of the Graveyard as there is mud there and we have all the shallower Perch spots on this side of the ridge so we will be open yet for some time. But from what I’ve seen the bigger Perch aren’t moving in there except for a few really shallow spots.  We have close to 40″ of ice so it will be there for awhile.  It’s too bad we didn’t have more seasonable weather the last couple days instead of these 50-60 degree temps.  We would have made it until April for sure.

We still might but the fish will have to come to us….Keep a Tight Line!