March 11th,2016

Yesterday I went for a walk out on the ice and with the super warm temps and sunshine today it is time to close.  Our access will not be open for anglers until next winter.

This year was a weird one for sure with the El Nino affect temps. The late start and the quick finish did not help the people that make a living around this lake much. That and along with the difficult times,(to say the least) because of the condition of the Walleye fishery.

The Tribes involved in the 1837 Treaty and the miss-management and “politically correct” ignoring of what was really happening to the fishery by the State of Minnesota and it’s DNR was what really happened to this lake’s Walleyes.  Not climate change, not Zebra Mussels, over angling or clearer water.  Yes, all that does and will have an effect on it’s ability to recover, and the lake probably will not ever be what it was.  But it would not have declined at such a rate if the netting and spearing in the spring during spawning had not happened.  Destroying a resource because of an almost 200 year old treaty gave rights to a few that abused it, and ignoring the majority of the people in this State is another example of just how screwed up this country is becoming. The “political” cover up and ignorance by the State of Minnesota’s Governor and others in St. Paul is a travesty to the Minnesota’s fishing heritage.  It seems our MN Senators are more worried about the wait at the airport with TSA …  Remember that at the ballot box this fall….

Implications for the Mille Lacs Lake Fishery with Continued Enfor

Please take the time to read this attachment.  It is very well researched and accurate. Our DNR claims netting had “nothing” to do with it, but I totally disagree.  There is not one place in this country where netting has had a positive effect on a fishery…..period.  If the Walleye are to recover in Mille Lacs, ( which looks like they are and there is hope.)  All parties involved needs to make sure what happened here over the last 15 years does not happen again. Please read it, pass it along and start talking about it.  Public pressure and telling our government how important it is to all of us will be the only way to stop it.

Keep a Tight Line!