May 14th, 2013

Well I think it is finally going to happen….Ice Out! I’m predicting it will be over by this coming weekend. There will be ice on the shores, ice on the islands, and just about anyplace we don’t want to see it but there will at least be water on the main lake……. Since last weekend Mille Lacs has went “viral” with videos of ice pushing and piles on the south shore, and last night and today until the wind switched it hit the N-NW side by Myr Mar and areas towards Garrison. But the old lake is finally giving up it’s ice. It’s getting softer and thinner and it is my hope that when it reaches the shore tonight on our end is will be so soft it will just “mush-up”.
It’s been quite a ice season up here and one I hopefully will not see again, both in the “treaty mismanagement” I call it now. And the MN DNR’s ignoring for the past 10 years that this is a “Walleye” Lake, not a “Trophy everything else” Lake. Plus I’m just getting sick and tired of seeing ice!! (Especially hard when I also own a Marine Business…) Just remember, June 21st the days start getting shorter….
Hopefully it all will work out, and don’t forget….12-17 inch Smallmouth Bass taste good when caught in cold water….lol
Keep a tight Line!