May 19th, 2013

Well we are finally into some normality up here at Mille Lacs with open water, people putting docks in, fishermen on the lake and the grass turning green. It has been long awaited for those of us up here. So far fishing has been pretty good even with the cold water temps. I’m hearing some pretty good reports from anglers and they are actually catching Walleyes in the 2 inch harvest slot we have this year. That is good news. It also sounds like the Walleyes are hungry but from what pictures I’ve seen so far they are not looking starved as some of us expected. We will see how it all plays out this season. One thing for sure so far, whether it is because of the reg changes, late ice-out, or high gas prices, (probably a combination of all), it is definitely a lot quieter up here than normal so far.
We had some major ice events last weekend and there is still signs of it on the shoreline despite the warm weather. It is eerie seeing ice on the shore and green grass and trees budding with leaves. Strange times I guess..
Keep a tight Line!!