May 2nd, 2013

Last evening I went out on the ice for the last time, picking up whatever was leftover that was missed when we had our clean-up day (“block party”) last Saturday.  I drilled the ice in all depths of water, and I found that anything over 10 feet to almost 40 feet had 24 to 27 inches of ice.  Anything 4 feet or less,(on the shallow reefs) had little ice or was open.  The ice I drilled was honeycombed almost all the way thru.  If we do get some warm weather next week and some rains, it might be close to going out by the Opener on May 11th.  I’m not counting on it.  Tonight when I got home from the marine shop the ice on the main lake in front of us had turned”white”, which means the next time it changes and goes “black” it will be waterlogged, and ready to finally melt.  Normally it takes about a week depending on normal weather in my years seeing it the ice go. But who has seen “normal” lately….?.  Anyways, it was good to know it was over for me out there, and start concentrating on boats!

I was 3 miles out when I was done, and on the way in to shore there was time to think about all the changes coming for us at Mille Lacs and it’s future.  And also time  to reflect on the 40 plus years I’ve always made it home off the ice, during and after a long season.  Sadly, my thoughts were turned to a friend in Bayfield, WI. that didn’t make it home off the ice this year.    Jim Hudson……may you God be with you and Rest in Peace……  I’ll always think about you when I go out there again……

Keep a tight line!!       Eddy