May 7th, 2013

It is finally looking like things are going to break up out there on the lake over the next few days.  We will probably not have a “opener”  this year as we would all know it.  With the weather forecasted and the winds, there will most likely be some open water on the north end, but for us on the south end we will be seeing a lot of ice.  Crazy times…….I guess it will be something to tell our grandchildren about.  The good thing is Mother Nature is getting back at all of us for not taking care of the lake’s resources as as we should have. ( MN DNR, and the BANDS).  Sometimes I just don’t get it.  Mille Lacs Lake and it’s resource cannot be managed two different ways and survive….  history has shown all of us that now.  Maybe the State and the Bands should wake up and realize that instead of playing games with “treaty rights” and management.  Mille Lacs Lake doesn’t care whose “right”‘ is right and just because we have the “right” doesn’t mean it’s ok.!  It’s just trying to survive.  It’s time both sides realize that and work together for the good of the lake!!  Just remember…….what comes around goes around….

Keep a tight Line! Eddy