November 22nd, 2013

This morning there is ice starting to form on the main lake on the shoreline in front of our place.   The waves are moving really slow which means it’s not far away. Could be good for an early start this year,

At the same time I’ve seen these early “shots” of cold freeze things up and then a warm-up with snow and then we sit and wait.  So you never know.  I’m sure there will be but there will be walkable ice in the bays  and maybe even some along the shoreline by Thanksgiving.  I remember many times as a kid that  after Thanksgiving dinner, Dad and I would walk Pope’s Point and go fishing.

The houses are almost ready, just a few finishing touches left and the smaller trucks are being checked over now, so things are moving along.  If this cold keeps coming, we will have to move a little faster, but it will all come together.

Keep a Tight Line!!!