November 23rd, 2014

Saturday i worked on the approach and got on the ice. Right in front there was 7-8 inches and a lot of slush underneath. But the approach is ready.

Today I went out as far the end of Popes , the north side of Gull (1st) reef, and the Spider Reef.  About 1 mile out for us from our shoreline. About 1/2 way out the ice depth stayed approx 6-7″ and the slush under the ice started to ease up. At the 3/4 mark the ice depth dropped to 4-5″ with some slush and where i turned around the ice depth was only 4″ in spots.

So obviously we have a ways to go on the main lake.  I did take advantage of the warm weather and with the 4-wheeler and plow and knocked down the rough ice in areas where the roads will end up.  It was fun being out there again, especially with the temps today.

Now we need some cold weather and no snow and we will be in business! We will be open for foot traffic to those areas starting tomorrow.

Keep a Tight Line!