November 4th, 2013

Over this weekend I’ve been working with the Webcam trying to get it to work again.  It was stuck on Sept 30th….Apparently something went  wrong with the file transfer thru Frontier DSL and the WebCam server and thanks to Brad and Gary they’ll get it figured out.  It won’t be too long and you will want to see when the ice starts, but I’m sure we have awhile yet.

Cindy has been getting calls for reservations, we started taking them Nov. 1st  like we always have and so far fishermen are coming up this year as normal, (for us at least.) this year is going to be an interesting one with all the changes we had this past summer, and we are waiting to see what the DNR “might” do for a possible regulation change this winter.  But I wouldn’t hold my breathe….

Meanwhile we are working on houses and after Deer Hunting we’ll start on the trucks.  Most of them are in pretty good shape, and this year we are going to add another diesel Ford to the “group”.   And after about 8 years of collecting parts, ( 8ft Farm King blower, hi-boy truck 4-4 truck frame, Cummins diesel and other “stuff”  we are going to put our “snowblower rig” together during the season with it’s debut late in the year. It’s been a dream of mine for along time, as well as my Dad’s, (40 years ago he was experimenting, but in those days it was tough) The end goal was to make something powerful, really light, so it could run on thin ice, and be dependable. But money, budgets, and a wife that thought I was “crazy” made it a long term plan…but it’s going to happen…..we’ll just have to see if my idea works! If it does, it will be a one of a kind!!

Keep a Tight Line!!