November 4th,2016

Yesterday it was announced that there will be a Walleye harvest on Mille Lacs Lake for angler’s this winter. The harvest will be one Walleye per angler between 19″-21″ long, or one over 28″

It is a start to the signs of the recovery of the lake.  The 2013 year class will be mature spawning age by this coming fall and the fall assessments this year show the 2015 and especially 2016 year classes very strong.  Proof that if you give this lake a chance to recover it will despite claims of invasive species, clearer water and global warming.  Now the next big goal will be how to insure a balanced harvest by both the MN Anglers and Bands can be accomplished…

With the Smallmouth Bass in Mille Lacs Lake in the national spotlight has put all of us up here in a “golden” opportunity so to speak of getting back on feet economically along with the improving Walleye population.  It is so important now to make sure this lake’s fisheries can be taken care of so once again Mille Lacs Lake will be the “goto” place for many fishermen for years to come.

Keep a Tight Line!          Eddy