November 8th, 2013

Today was a good day…..We closed up the marine shop for a week so all could go Deer Hunting. A tradition we started there when I bought the place 11 years ago.

Things are progressing at home getting ready for the ice. Cindy and Becky are doing a great job with the inside cleaning of carpets, bunk covers, ovens.   The houses are looking really nice.  We are redoing some of the siding of the VIP’S,, and when hunting is over we are starting on the trucks,etc. With the “colder” weather coming it’s looking like it could be an earlier freeze this year, but after all the years I’ve been here doing this, I’ll take it as it comes.  There is nothing you are going to do to change it.  Sometimes earlier freezes are more harmful to the rest of the year than good….sometimes not.  but it certainly gets the”hype” going…..

This next week I will still be thinking boats even though fish houses, trucks and Ice will be on the mind.   I’m going to Arkansas to the Yarcraft/BassCat factory to get some things done and see what goes on down there…..I’ve heard the leaves are in full color there so I’m bringing my camera…should be fun!  Until I get back…

Keep a Tight Line!!