November 9th, 2014

Well……Here we go. NOAA weather just forecasted 10-18 inches of snow the next couple days.  The good thing is that there is open water for it to fall on.  Wasn’t really expecting this much this early, but with no ice we are good.

My hope is this isn’t a “pattern” that will continue after we get ice.  We will have to wait it out and see.  These days with the weather patterns changing, ( or so it seems), who knows.  All I know is we are going to get out there when we can.

Fishing should be better this year with more Walleyes in the mix and Northern Pike the DNR wants us to catch, (or spear), and I’m thinking we will have some better Perch fishing also.

I’m home from the Marine shop now and it will give me time to get the things I need to get in order with the home shop, the trucks, and houses.  It is good to be home.

Keep a Tight Line!