Saturday February 25th, 2017

Yesterday we got the last of the houses off the ice except for 3 rentals that are in close for Tournament workers.  What a relief it was to get the houses in the storage lot and with the cooler weather after the first day of mud everything firmed up and we didn’t make a mess of it like we would have if we had not waited for the cold.

The prize drawing will be held at 3:00 pm,  Last evening we packed up all the prizes and marked them.   This year there is just over $18,000.00 in prizes (valued at retail) so everyone will get at least their entry fee back and more.  Customers that have houses here and want to sty over night in them on shore are welcome to.Being that it is cold there will be no problem of parking or muddy spots, even back in the storage lot.

Depending on the weather forecast for cold we might open up again after I have had a couple day to go out and check the areas we go to for water holes and see their progress as far as freezing up, but that will not be determined until next week sometime.