Wheelhouse Rates/Permanent House Rates

Wheelhouse Rates /Permanent House Service & Storage

2017-2018 Season

  • Our rates vary from $615.00 to $725.00 depending on the size of the house for the full season, including summer storage.
  • We have no summer use of the houses, except for maintenance purposes.
  • We offer 10% discounts for early payments. Rates and increases, (if any) go out via mail Sept 1st of each year to customers. Rates include Summer storage, on/off the lake and access fees for two owners, plus other features. Call 320-676-8740 for information.
  • Weekly wheelhouse rates – $40.00 a week includes access fees, plus storage on shore in a secure area, during the winter season.  We strongly encourage that you remove your house and store it in our lot after use on the ice and not leave it out there.  For those that want to stay here  all winter, the full normal rate is $350.00/season and $100.00 summer storage.  ($450.00 year around)
  • Weekend Wheelhouses – If you are coming for the weekend and register at the office we charge $40.00 up front when you arrive.  You will be charged $10.00 access fee each calendar day you are here.  When you checkout at the office we refund the balance of what is not used back to you. (Example: You arrive Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday sometime. You will be charged $30.00 and refunded $10.00)  Basically it is $10.00 per day, just as a normal access fee for a portable. But by doing it this way we know you are off the lake with your house and we also get a fishing report from you.  (good or bad)   🙂
  • Currently we have room for more permanent houses and  offer summer storage for wheelhouses.