Private Service/Storage

Private Fish House Service & Storage

2014-2015 Season

  • Our rates vary from $585.00 to $695.00 depending on the size of the house for the full season, including summer storage.
  • We have no summer use of the houses, except for maintenance purposes.
  • We offer 10% discounts for early payments. Rates and increases, (if any) go out via mail Sept 1st of each year to customers. Rates include Summer storage, on/off the lake and access fees for two owners, plus other features. Call 320-676-8740 for information.
  • Wheelhouse rates are $350.00 a season without summer storage.  $100.00 for summer dead storage.
  • Or $40.00 a week and no access fees, plus storage on shore in a secure area, during the winter season.
  • Or $10.00/ day you are on the lake with it and you take it home with you when you go.  If you leave it on the lake you will be charged $40.00/week for road maintenance.
  • Currently we have room for more permanent and storage for more wheelhouses.