Thanksgiving Day Nov.28th,2013

This morning before dinner I spent 4 hrs getting down the ramp onto the ice with the beginnings of the road approach.  This year we had quite a bit of ice pile on shore as it froze with a strong NW wind.   And yes the ice is rough out there.  Not the best for walking, but doable.  When we do get enough ice I will be pulling the disc this year!!

Today I only checked a little distance out as it was open water just a day or two ago.  While Cindy and I were at Bluefin Bay on the North Shore for a break before it starts, (the couple of days),  What ice we had before we left, blew north and it had opened up.  So there is only 2-3 inches in the first 100 feet.  We are going to wait awhile……

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends.  And lets all hope we get some more ice out there before we see much snow!!

Keep a Tight  Line!!