February 14th, 2016

Friday evening and Saturday the bite was spotty but definitely better than earlier in the week.  Shallower water closer to shore had better action with the Perch.  Some of the deep rock breaks had Walleyes, but most caught were under the slot.  One rental in 31 ft had 17 Walleyes over/under the slot, a 42″ Northern , and about 10 “keeper” Perch.  The Perch out in the mud areas near the “Tullibee Hole” were on the move and no one seemed to find them yesterday.

Today the warmer temps this am and the changing weather is probably going to change the bite to the better the next couple days.  Anglers with camera’s this past week have been seeing alot of fish at times, but is hard to get them to go.

Just a note for Minnesota’s fishermen and sportsman in general.  I’m sure that most of you know about all the problems that Mille Lacs has gone through the last 15 years with  drastic change in it’s fishery and it’s “treaty management” program.  And I’m sure everyone has an opinion about it. This is just a reminder that alot legislators in Minnesota are up for re-election this year. And if everyone that buys a hunting or fishing license in Minnesota would contact them and tell them what you want to see change with Mille Lacs and what is going to happen to all the other lakes in Minnesota soon if this isn’t stopped here.  There might be a chance to get something done before it’s too late.  Management policies and treaty fisheries are only going to change when the people in St. Paul finally get the message from us  Instead of accepting the tribe’s casino lobbying money like most are.  They need to be voted out and  we need to vote in someone that will represent and stand up for the majority of the people interests in our fisheries.

The Lyback/TWP Tournament is Feb 27th, 2016.  150 persons/$50.00per person/ 100% payout in cash and prizes.  Only about 25 spots left.     Rules:  TWP 2

Keep a Tight Line!