February 2nd, 2018

Yesterday we moved  a few  rentals into shallow spots and moved some out to deeper areas.  The bite is at night whether deep or shallow and the shallower water has more Perch action during the day from what we’ve been seeing.

Ice conditions and roads are in excellent shape with no pressure ridges, cracks, etc.( Although this morning around 10:00 am we got a 5-8 inch crack that ran across the Tundra and gravel bar roads.  By after lunch we had them sealed up and marked and back to normal traffic.)  This year even though we fought the rougher ice at the start, the ice was thicker and when the lake ice finally starting moving, the ice out in front of us stayed solid.  It was a nice change after fighting the pressure ridge like we did all winter.  Wheelhouse fishermen are enjoying a nice winter with little snow so they can move around fairly well off the roads as well.

We have a few rentals still available for the weekend. Both deluxe and basics, so if your interested in getting out of the Superbowl parties and commotion, give us a call.

We are approaching the 100 contestant mark on the Lybacks/TWP Tournament for February 24th.  Limited to 150, so if you want to enter you should fairly soon.  Monday I will be posting the rules, categories.  They will be similar as they have in the past, with a couple changes. We are going to try a catch/measure/picture release on Walleye and Northern this year so you will need a smart phone or digital camera.  it should be a fun Tournament.

Keep a Tight Line!!     Eddy